“I found myself agreeing with you and disagreeing with @FplMode on so many counts”

@Lateriser12 – July 6, 2020

The 2019/20 FPL Wolfpack “Champion”. Just writing this, I can smell the desperate stench of saltiness amongst the rest of the pack. The Wolfpack’s SkyFF writer, likes a GIF and his twitter handle is an anagram of ‘prick’. What more could you want?

Out & About With The Scout

@CMScoutFPL takes another satirical look at whats going on in FPL Twitter. Don’t be offended.


In our 2nd Pack Panel, Rob gets the opinions of 4 of the Pack on some of the burning questions on the eve of the season.

Sky Dive Ep.2 – Don’t Fear The Tiers

In the second introduction to Sky article. @rpick86 looks at one of the biggest differences between FPL and Sky – tier points. How important are they? How do you achieve them? Who were the stars of 19-20?

Out & About With The Scout

A first ever tongue in cheek look at the bizarre World of FPL Twitter from the man who made team leaks famous in Champ Man FPL. No offence intended.


In a new monthly feature, we get the opinions of a select group of the Pack – let us know who you think has the best take on the recent news.


The first in a series of articles to held beginners to the World of #SkyFF to adapt to Sky’s fantasy football offering.


A panel of the FPL Wolfpack make their predictions for the remainder of the 2019/20 Premier League season.

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