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A walk.”

Rich – 2020 (not as funny as he thinks)

@RichP_FPL loves Liverpool, chatting FPL, sarcasm and GIFs. The guy that makes the jokes (good or bad – bad. mainly bad) in the group chat. Best Rank (If thats your thing) is 2020th. Started playing seriously now, with my aim every season to get in the top 1%.

Write articles on a a metric called FPLFPA – links to articles below.

The GW8 FPL Snapshot

Hey you guys! Another week of FPL in the books and another shocking week for me! Fortunately there are another 31 weeks to go though, so let’s get right into it!

The GW7 FPL Snapshot!

Well, that was yet another weird week in this crazy season of FPL! My team was doing well and above average, until Son stole my green arrow from right under my nose with his 11 pointer! Going to have to bring him in myself! But enough of GW6, let’s look forward to GW7!

The FPL Gameweek 6 Snapshot!

Hello all! After another weekend of scintillating football, we are straight back into another one. My team scored 86 points after bringing in Kane (C), Salah and Bissouma for a -4. The “Using FPL Points as a Metric” team my wife runs scored 76 points on its Wildcard, so it’s been a good week!

The FPL Gameweek 5 Snapshot!

Hello all! After what feels like a ridiculously pointless Interntional Break given what’s happening right now, domestic football is back!

Using FPL Points as a Metric – Wildcard Time!

Hey guys! @RichP_FPL here with this seasons first instalment of the Using FPL as a Metric data! This year my wife’s team is a Guinea Pig for this to see how it stacks up as a credible strategy for helping to achieve a decent rank in FPL.

The FPL Gameweek 4 Snapshot!

Hello fellow FPLers! @RichP_FPL here with the latest instalment of the FPL Snapshot! After what was a horrendous week of FPL for me (Wildcard team scoring less than 40 points!) we’re back to preview the upcoming gameweek matches and see if we can help you with any of your FPL questions!

The FPL Gameweek 3 Snapshot!

Hello all! So we have 2 game weeks in the books, and while my data gathering for the Fantasy Points Against stuff I write about is taking shape, I’m sat twiddling my thumbs. After a monster GW1 with 89, I fell back to earth with a 37, leaving me just outside the top 1 million … Continue reading The FPL Gameweek 3 Snapshot!

Using FPL Points as a Metric – Team Reveal!

Hello all! @RichP_FPL here with the Team Reveal you’ve all been waiting for! None of the Patreon BS or Expert Team Reveals, I know this is the one you guys are after!

Using FPL Points as a Metric – Who To Start With?

Hello all! @RichP_FPL back with another article using FPL Points as a metric. The point of this article is to try and identify a player at each position potentially worth considering for the start of my First Season with a team that will be specifically used for the FPLFPA metric I write about.

Using FPL Points as a Metric

Hello guys, @RichP_FPL here with an introductory article into the metric I use to assist with my FPL Team: Fantasy Premier League Fantasy Points Against – FPLFPA for short.

FPLFPA – GW30 Free Hit Team

Hey guys!  So now we know how FPL want to play the rest of the season: we are kicking off with unlimited transfers! As someone who had consciously made my transfers during the downtime, I was fuming to start with but what’s the point in moaning! Sure, the transfers I made could no longer benefit … Continue reading FPLFPA – GW30 Free Hit Team

FPL FPA – The Return of FPL

Well here we are – The Premier League and therefore FPL, is coming back! It feels like forever and I, like a lot of the FPL Twitter Community, played the Fantasy ChampMan game set up to help pass the time! Now though, it seems weird considering KDB and Mane instead of Rudd van Nistelrooy and … Continue reading FPL FPA – The Return of FPL

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