“I found myself agreeing with you and disagreeing with @FplMode on so many counts”

@Lateriser12 – July 6, 2020

@ModeFpl, the Wolfpod hostess with the mostest. His dulcet tones will likely make you believe he’s better at FPL than he actually is. Nevertheless he’s one of us now, for better or for worse. Even if he just loves getting my name wrong.

The DOs of FPL before GW1

Recorded below is my list of things you should consider while creating your squad for game week 1

How The WolfPod Was Made

By Andy North (@FPLMODE) It’s funny looking back at the small moments that escalate and turn into big things. A brush away comment about making a pod to fellow WolfPack member Ross (FPL Corf) resulted in me researching how to make a pod, how to edit it, how to publish it so people could listen … Continue reading How The WolfPod Was Made

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