“If I made the right transfers, planned well and nailed my captaincy choices, I’d be class at FPL”

FPL Irons – July 2020

The Wolfpack member most likely to be found watching the Slovenian 4th division. Watches 90% of Prem games live and has seen every episode of Premier League Years 700 times. Irons lifestyle is not healthy, do not try this at home.

What we learned in GW1!

Penalties exist… A big topic of discussion in the FPL Twitter world this week was the luck vs skill debate regarding penalty takers such as Vardy and Salah. For me, the more penalty takers you can get in your team the better. We pay a premium for them for a reason and you’ll reap the … Continue reading What we learned in GW1!

GW1-10 Fixture analysis

Fixtures are out! What a time to be alive! We can finally tinker until our fingers and thumbs fall off. This is probably the most exciting fixture list we’ve ever had from an FPL perspective. The game has already been released and we were starting to create ideas in our heads that have now been … Continue reading GW1-10 Fixture analysis

Why I decided to use the FH chip in GW30+

A key debate in the strange world of FPL Twitter at the moment is “Why would you FH, when you have unlimited transfers?” I want to discuss my rationale behind my decision and hopefully articulate the reasons behind the plan.

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