“When the #FPLCommunity say Richarlison is better than Bruno Fernandes…”

@FPLBrickie – 02/03/2020

Mad Hatter | Run @FplWolfpack League & Cups | #FPL Enthusiast 20,516 19/20 Season | No.1 in Grenada

Flag of Grenada

Ferrell out and about

Oi Oi……..I’m on the telecommunications device this week, pressing random buttons. I’ve had Some guy answer and scream Clean Sheet Wipeout! Who was this killjoy! Was he drunk? Did I dial one of those erotic voice services? I need more answers!

Ferrell out & about!

Much like you all, lockdown hit me hard! The one thing that surprisingly made a huge difference was actually a game……Fantasy champ man.

Ferrell out & about!

I’m back, and I’ve found a legend! In hobby craft of all places! I’ve pinned him down for a chat so you lot can meet him on another level! What a guy! it’s Fpl Doodles…….

Ferrell out and about

Help me! I’ve just got into a black cab & one thing led to another. long story short is, I may have a sex tape out soon!

Ferrell out and about

Welcome back everyone! I’m lucky enough to have been tasked by the Wolfpack to go and meet the community, and hopefully help to connect like minded people! I ultimately want you to also meet the wonderful people I have met personally on my FPL adventure!

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