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Yesterday saw the first price reveals of the 2020/21 season for FPL – and signalled the imminent arrival of everyone’s favourite time for year – GW1 tinkering! In a new monthly feature, 1 member of the pack has set 5 questions for a select group of the Pack to answer and give their views on. Which take do you agree with? Who is talking utter shit? Let us know!

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How The WolfPod Was Made

By Andy North (@FPLMODE)

It’s funny looking back at the small moments that escalate and turn into big things. A brush away comment about making a pod to fellow WolfPack member Ross (FPL Corf) resulted in me researching how to make a pod, how to edit it, how to publish it so people could listen to it and then, 10 months later, celebrating reaching 10,000 listens on our very own podcast.

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