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Our first Pack Panel took place the day after the price reveal. What better time could there be for the second Pack Panel than the day before the season starts? The balls are tingling, the tinkering is almost finished – and @rpick86 is back with 5 new questions for 4 members of the Wolfpack. I’m sure you will agree with some of them. I’m sure you’ll think that some of them are fucking stupid. Enjoy – and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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GW1-10 Fixture analysis

Fixtures are out! What a time to be alive! We can finally tinker until our fingers and thumbs fall off.

This is probably the most exciting fixture list we’ve ever had from an FPL perspective. The game has already been released and we were starting to create ideas in our heads that have now been destroyed. The blanks for United, City, Burnley and Villa also cause pure mayhem.

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