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Oi Oi……..I’m on the telecommunications device this week, pressing random buttons. I’ve had Some guy answer and scream Clean Sheet Wipeout! Who was this killjoy! Was he drunk? Did I dial one of those erotic voice services? I need more answers!

What is your real name? And what’s the story behind your twitter handle? What inspired the name?

My real name is Matt Samuel and I’m a ginger Scotsman who now lives down in stunning Dorset! Honestly I was fed up of my FPL Team conceding late goals constantly! Having watched the community from the sidelines for a while, I really wanted to get involved and the term CLEAN SHEET WIPEOUT was banded around which I knew all too well. I was amazed to find out that Clean Sheet Wipeout hadn’t been taken as a handle so I grabbed it and ran! It’s even better when it causes utter confusion and rage on the ChampMan Streams! I do get a childish sense of joy every time it’s gets someone.

That’s fantastic! I myself watched the community for a far for a year before I jumped in. What made you jump in and join the FPL community?

My co host and best mate @FPLDrug created an account the season before I did and I found myself clogging my personal twitter with FPL views instead whilst stalking his account. I fancied getting more actively involved in the community and so CSW was born! The irony is that I now don’t really use my personal twitter anymore… just shows that football & FPL were all I spoke about anyways!

How long have you been playing FPL mate?Newbie or veteran?

I have been playing FPL since the 13/14 season. Prior to that I played the Sun Dream Team but as soon as I found out about Official FPL I was hooked! So this is my 8th season… I guess that’s edging towards veteran status! I’d say I’m a decent player but haven’t been spectacular as of yet! Worst rank was 450k and my best has been 40k. I have had 3 top 100k finishes in the last 4 seasons so I suppose that’s consistency! This season however has been a struggle so far, as it has for many from what I have seen.

I see you play FPL, Sky, & Champ man. Do you have a favourite?

which one are you more bothered about? Which one takes up more of your time and planning? I absolutely adore Champ man but FPl certainly sits on my mind all week.

I most certainly do! It’s a tough one but I certainly get more enjoyment from ChampMan as an overall experience! The community around it has made it what it is and of course the streams are great fun on a Thursday evening! James from Planet FPL was a tough act to follow, but Irons & Mode have certainly made it their own. SkyFF takes up more of my time in terms of planning for sure! I’m a first time player this season but thoroughly enjoying the planning side of things and the fact it’s a lot more tactical with limited transfers and multiple game days and captaincies. Plus, 50k to the winner is very appealing! I would certainly recommend it to all who aren’t involved yet! Of course FPL will always have a place and will be the core of the community, but it’s not as personal a game with over 7m players across the globe!

So then! Saints season ticket holder! What’s your favourite live moment from your years watching them?

I sure am! Just gutted we can’t be in the stadium this season… but hopefully soon! Damn that’s a tough question! There’s so many to be honest… promotion from the championship back to the premier league was one hell of a moment! The difficulties we had after relegation, dropping down to league 1 and almost going out of existence were particular gut wrenching, so it made it all the more worthwhile when we came back up! Getting to experience European nights under the lights was also incredible and travelling to the San Siro to watch my beloved Saints take on Inter Milan was certainly a massive highlight! One I will cherish forever, even if we didn’t get the result we actually deserved! I could probably go on for hours about countless moments of euphoria, but I won’t bore you all to death!

As a big footy fan, what’s your favourite away stadium you’ve visited?

My favourite stadium that I have visited as a tourist is the certainly the Nou Camp. Unfortunately I have never experienced a live match there though as Barca were annoyingly playing away when we visited! One day though for sure!

However, I’m going to go away from England and say that the 2 most memorable stadium/match experiences have been at the San Siro when Saints played Inter and I also managed to get tickets to watch Hertha Berlin at the Olympic stadium. That was an incredible experience! The atmosphere was incredible and the fans around me were amazing! I was lucky enough to have @fpldrug along with me for both experiences too! You’re probably sensing a theme between football and our friendship aha!

The San Siro wow! What a memory to hold on too! Staying with general football mate, who’s your favourite ever player and why?

I need to mention three……

All time premier league player – For me it’s Paul Scholes! Probably not top of most lists but what he did at Man Utd and how he went about it was a joy to watch! Plus, he’s a fellow ginger and I often get referred to Scholesy when playing because of the carrot top!

Favourite all time player – Messi! Yes, Ronaldo is incredible but for me Messi gets it.

Favourite Saints Player – Rickie Lambert! The journey he had to Saints is a story in itself and the performances he put on the pitch time and time again and the goals he scored often had me out of my seat!

New Co host of your own podcast “The season keepers” How did that come about? The story about it starting up?

Thanks for bringing it up! I am indeed the co host of the newish Fantasy Football Podcast called ‘Season Keepers’. Check us out @seasonkeepers if you fancy giving us a go. We’re 17 episodes in now and it’s flown by! The discussion started when James (@fpldrug) moved to Manchester with his girlfriend as she was going to be studying at Manchester University. James & I had had season tickets at St Mary’s together for quite a few years and we’re by far the most competitive within our friendship group for FPL. We basically missed having those football chats at the ground or down the pub with a beer once he had buggered off up north, so we discussed making a podcast. It took a while for us to grow the balls to do it, especially given the quality already out there but lock down pushed us into setting it up and we are very glad we did! The feedback has been amazing and you boys within the Wolfpack, as well as so many others out there, have been incredibly supportive! So a huge thank you from the both of us!

Right! Tricky one! If a mate joined up to twitter as an FPL account, who would you say are your top 3 favourite accounts you would recommend to them?

Blimey that’s a tough one! My 3 favourite accounts to follow would be James @ Planet FPL, the Wolfpack and the Fantasy Football Hub. The pods, content & general interaction of the Wolfpack (includes everyone involved) and Planet FPL is outstanding and makes the community an enjoyable place to be a part of! I’m a new member to FFH this year and the content they have is brilliant reading, plus Ian Parrins planner for the Sky game has been a blessing!

I would also say that both Ben Dinnery & Ben Crellin are key accounts to follow for Injury & Fixture news! Both incredibly important for planning!

let’s finish up on FPL and the present mate, how’s this current season in FPL going?

Not great in all honesty! At one point I was as low as 3.2m after 4 weeks but I have managed to claw my way back to 900k at the moment. I haven’t used a single chip yet and my wildcard is still in tact, so I think I am in a decent position to build from here! But fair to say that start had me wondering why I even bother and I was set on just focussing on Sky until I had a strong word with myself!

Here’s hoping I can continue to improve and hopefully at least hit another top 100k finish by the end of it, although I would of course love to beat my PB!

Amazing! Thanks so much for chatting & opening up! I’ve followed Matt almost since day 1! Everyone should give this top lad a follow! Find him at CleanWipeoutFPL! See ya all next week!

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