Ferrell out & about!

Much like you all, lockdown hit me hard! The one thing that surprisingly made a huge difference was actually a game……Fantasy champ man.

Anyone that played this fantastic game will understand the talents of this guy! I’ve manage to secure an interview with one of the elites that helped take this game to legendary status! FPL Kaptain

The live stream, graphic design hero of the Champ man community! For me personally, the soccer Saturday style streams made this game more addictive, and brought a sense of community and togetherness in the tough isolation days. I absolutely adore the live streams! They make the game what it is, and I’m in awe of how good they are! Everyone who plays the game is! I’m lucky enough the chat to Kris! Mr Kaptain himself! So mate, question 1

how on Earth did you become so good at graphics? Is it part of your full time job or just a hobby?

I’m an Account Manager by trade, with nothing to do with graphics/creative work, so it’s very much still a hobby – and quite a new one at that! I used to design websites when I was a lot younger, so I’ve always had a bit of an interest in digital design but never really took it anywhere! I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I enjoy spending time on the little details that can make the graphics pop or the stream experience as awesome as I can make it.

What a natural talent you have! how did you get into the champ man game, what’s the story behind you now doing the graphics?

I remember seeing the original tweet from Dave and wanted ‘in’ from the beginning. I’d only just really joined Twitter for FPL, so it was more good timing really! After watching James from PlanetFPL run his livestreams for the first couple of GWs, I kept thinking to myself ‘how great would it be if you had Soccer Saturday-like graphics on this’. A bit of Googling and reading up on streaming (another thing I’d never done before!), I found a (free) cloud-based graphics software that you can control remotely whilst streaming. I didn’t really think too much about how it would work, but I just learnt the software as I went along, tried a load of stuff that didn’t work, and eventually threw a table of fixtures together that could be updated live and just put it out there to James. He was always super open to the idea, encouraged me all the way, and put a lot of trust/faith in me considering his status in the community. For that I can’t thank him enough, and the rest is history.

FPL Kaptain? I haven’t seen you tweet much FPL? How’s your season going so far mate?

I’ve been hovering around the 1m mark all season – my best finish was a couple of years ago at 500k, but I’ve only been taking it ‘seriously’ in the last year or so.

Sky is going much better – I’m at around 2k in that, so beginning to shift my focus towards that a bit more!

Definitely not putting you on the spot but do you prefer FPL or champ man?

ChampMan for me – the game is so unique and the community feels much tighter. Match days feel exciting, rather than the now dragged out weekends of FPL. We’re all done in just 2 ½ hours! Although since taking FPL more seriously this year, I definitely feel like I’m enjoying watching football more.

Looking at your bio I see “exiting projects on the horizon” Any clues? If anyone from the community wanted to hire you would you be open to it?

One big and very exciting project that should hopefully see the light of day soon, can’t say much more at the moment. It’s nothing to do with ChampMan, if that helps! I’ve had a couple of approaches already, which is great as I’d really like to make this a full-time gig, whatever that looks like! I’m always open to opportunities and would love the chance to keep doing this, even if it’s not football/sport related.The response to ChampMan has been incredible, so I’m always up for helping out where I can, whether it’s helping design a logo, an overlay or building a full front and backend like for ChampMan.

How into your football are you? What’s you Favourite team and what player do you love?

I’m a big Man Utd fan (living in Bournemouth, yep), and have been since my Dad introduced me to football growing up in the 90s. Cantona’s 1995 FA Cup winning goal being my earliest memory. I used to watch Bournemouth in the old Division 2 a bit when I was a kid, but Utd have always been my team.

Favourite player has always been Beckham – he was quite simply an icon, especially as a young Utd fan. I had the original Predator Accelerators, and became a right-winger myself, just to be like Becks. Even after Utd came to Bournemouth for a pre-season friendly, I stood at the advertising hoardings, autograph book out, 12yr old me with double bridged glasses about to meet my hero.. He jogged straight at me, looked at me, then turned around and jogged off.. Watched him score a free kick that night, so I was still happy.

You have quickly become one of my favourite accounts on Twitter! You are a hero in the champ man community………So why are you so underfollowed?

I’m a glorified lurker really – never been massive on my own social media, and a Twitter audience is something still pretty new to me, I mean 700 odd followers is a lot to me!

With your talents mate, you should be well above me with people wanting to follow you. What made you join the FPL community in the first place?

After a work mini-league getting a bit serious last season, I started listening to a few pods to try and get a bit better at FPL – PlanetFPL, 59th Minute, Wolfpod and FFHub, and so joined Twitter not long afterwards to try and follow these guys and try and get involved a bit. With lockdown kicking in, I found the community (and then ChampMan) a great place to get lost in and forget about the outside world for little chunks – I know it’s helped a lot of people out there during these weird times, and I definitely just one of them.

Where did the name come from?

It came from my time at Uni in Nottingham, the film had just 300 come out, and a group of us went out dressed as Spartans. We made our own paper mache helmets, spears and everything, we proper went for it. There were five of us, and we ‘aligned’ with certain characters in the film for our night out – and I chose to be ‘Captain’, where others were Leonidas etc. I used to spell my name as Kris, with a K, so Kaptain stuck from there, and has always been my online/Xbox name ever since.

Who’s your top 3 favourite accounts you follow that you would recommend us all to check out?

Most likely accounts everyone knows well, but for good reason:

  • @PlanetFPLPodthe content these guys put out across not just FPL, but football as a whole is genuinely incredible. What they do for the community as a whole as well can’t be understated – especially during lockdown.
  • @CorfFPLtop guy and must put a silly amount of work into his weekly GW threads. Always been a great help to me.
  • @CMScoutFPLRob Pick gets a shout from me, purely as there are people still playing ChampMan who are missing his dodgy Maccy D trips and phone hacking scandals each week.

Amazing! Thanks so much for taking time to chat mate! I’m sure others will be pleased to get to know you more. Very much looking forward to what you have in store for the future!

From everyone in the champ man community please keep doing what your doing!! Anyone wishing to follow Kris check him out at @FplKaptain he’s a very approachable, friendly guy, so reach out for any work and I’m sure he’ll be able to help out for a reasonable price! Top lad!

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