Ferrell out & about!

I’m back, and I’ve found a legend! In hobby craft of all places! I’ve pinned him down for a chat so you lot can meet him on another level! What a guy! it’s Fpl Doodles…….

Jeremy Wise Aka FPL Doodles. This man is a legend in the community with many accounts showcasing his work as their twitter avatars. Followed by 4,252 people he has a healthy account. Cartoonist illustrator freelance artist for hire, hello mate! How are you!! Let’s dive in, How did you get into drawings, where did it all start?

I was born with the talent to draw. I have literally drawn all my life. It just came naturally.

A real gift……..what is your favourite thing to draw? What do you enjoy to doodle?

Faces. I draw faces the best and its what I enjoy drawing the most.

What made you join the FPL community, and what is your aim from it?

Believe it or not I have had a twitter account for 10 years but only used it for one year. That was last September when I invented fpl doodles. I have always drawn cartoons so coming up with this idea for the community seemed obvious and I could have a laugh and contribute in my own way.

And just want to have fun and make people laugh and if I can also do some personal art for people like profile pictures etc. that’s a bonus

Clearly a love for football, So mate, what team do you support and why?

Aston Villa. First game I ever went to was villa millwall. Villa won 3-1 and I supported them ever since.

One of my favourite ever players was Ronaldinho, I had the neon away shirt with his name and number on the back, pretty skill full myself and I practiced all he’s tricks and flicks when I played after school. Who is your favourite ever football player and why? Would you doodle them if they asked?

Tough question on fave player but I think it would have to be Beckham. Just awesome for club and country in the 90s. Some great england memories. I have drawn him a few times over the years.

FPL first, Doodles second, So how is your FPL season currently going?

Fpl season going bad so far. Took loads of hits but things are picking up now.

What type of FPL manager are you? What’s your style?

I’m an attacking manager. I will take hits if I believe it’s for the greater good. I’ve taken hits every week so far I have even done a -16 already this season.

Inspiration. Where does it come from? What inspires you?

Other people inspire me from all walks of life

There are some fantastic accounts in the FPL Community, what 3 accounts do you love to follow and would recommend we all check out?

I like banter accounts
3 that make me smile are hindu monkey, partridge and Clarkie. But there are some great lads in the community

Great shouts! Especially our boy Clarkie! Oi Oi.

Thank so much for chatting Jeremy! Was great getting to know you more! If anyone wants to follow this man he can be found @fpldoodles1 & also check out his website jeremywiseart.com

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