Ferrell out and about

Help me! I’ve just got into a black cab & one thing led to another. long story short is, I may have a sex tape out soon!

I’ve only gone a found FPL Taxi!

WankerMan out late November

I managed to spend the taxi ride home chatting FPL and getting to know this brilliant account…..well, most of the journey 👀

So, I’ve heard some strong rumours that you are somebody’s 2nd account. A well known account in the community that may surprise a few!

“Well known” might be pushing it a little far, but there is a second more sensible, less sexualised account yes! 👀

Are you an actual Taxi driver? Should I be worried?

No I’m not a taxi driver by trade but that doesnt mean you shouldn’t be worried..

When you first log onto your computer what comes first? Porn or FPL?

They are both the same thing to me, my FPL team is fucking filthy!

Where do You get your inspiration? And where on Earth do you get your content from? 👀 asking for a friend

Good old Google images and Pornhub screenshots. Always praying that the Mrs never catches me, think Id rather just tell her Im planning a wank than try and explain the Taxi account

Bet you love incognito mode…….Would you ever release a sex tape if it then meant you would win FPL?

I’d shag my Nan on camera for a top 10k mate.. Id do anything to win FPL!

You are possibly my favourite account on Twitter, Who is your top 3 favourite FPL accounts?

FPL_Partridge, FPLPingreen, FPL_Clarkie

Why should the community follow you?

well, the Taxi has been parked up for a while but I will be looking to bring it back ready for the busy festive period. Its a bit of pornographic fun.. but if you are gonna follow, make sure that you’re 18..I dont need the old bill rocking up at the door!

Can you maybe give us a clue as to who you are?Anything?

If you could share a “Taxi” ride with professional footballer and any female celebrity, who would you pick?

Alex Morgan & Angela Lansbury


Right last question, we’ve been driving awhile now and I’m scared at what this fair will be!

Who if your favourite Wolfpack member?

My favourite Wolfpacker is probably Andy (@fpl_tactician) it takes a brave man to admit to the world that he was deepthroating a banana at the turn of the Millennium

Well I’m off to the family planning clinic! Catch you all later

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