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Welcome back everyone! I’m lucky enough to have been tasked by the Wolfpack to go and meet the community, and hopefully help to connect like minded people! I ultimately want you to also meet the wonderful people I have met personally on my FPL adventure!

My journey continues courtesy of a Wight link ferry over to the Isle of Wight! Where I wanted to meet Samantha_1991_

Samantha is a big warming presence in the FPL community, and I wanted to give you lovely lot an opportunity to get to no her more! Everyone’s life is better with Sam in it!

My first question to Sam is – What made you get into football & what is your earliest footballing memory?

Having two older brothers both playing for local football teams, and going out every Saturday and Sunday to watch them for 15-16 years, and my dad managing 1 of their teams, i don’t think I had much choice not to like it. It’s been in my life since I was around 2-3 years old. I was also made vice president of a local football club from 2005-2017 after my father passed away.

One of my earliest memories must of been the United treble in 1998-99 season.
But my BEST memory, was 2005 champions league final, Liverpool 3 – 0 down at half time to come back and win on penalties.

Wow, what an honour to have been named Vice President! That’s a lovely memory to have. It’s clear from your twitter that you and your dad was close, it must of been a proud day for you and your family. My next question I want to stick with general football – what team do you support and why?

I’m a massive Liverpool fan. I think the reason why is this; i remember my parents used to get given black bin bags full of sport clothes from a friend, and one of the first shirts I pulled out and tried on was the 1999-2000 green Liverpool away and had OWEN 10 on the back. So since then every season I’ve purchased home/away or third kit. Much to my dads disgrace… He supported Everton. My 2 brothers 1 supports Spurs other supports Manchester United, so err my family is a bit different.

Everyone loves a retro kit! Moving on to why we have all met, FPL. How long have you been playing the game?

I have been playing fpl since 2011/2012 season, but only been taking it seriously since 2018/2019 season. I think I just started playing because people i know we’re doing leagues for fun, so made my team and left it. Didn’t know anything about transfers, chips you could use.

What type of FPL manager are you, what’s your style?

I like to think I’m a good fpl manager, (doesn’t everyone?) Maybe I’m one of those managers when a player does bad rage transfer them out for a hit. The only style I like to have is having a playing bench and sticking the armband on a premium asset.

Right Sam. I want to get slightly more serious and possibly touch on a sensitive point. As a female, do you find it a challenge in the community or in general when talking about football? Do you get stereotyped? Or taken seriously? What’s been your experience?

I can’t answer for the other females in the community, but I do find it hard sometimes when talking about fpl or football on Twitter, as a lot think girls don’t know anything, and belong in the kitchen. It’s much easier to talk about football in life than online (for me).
Saying that the other week @FplSkinnyPanda on Twitter was deciding between Masuaku and Coufal as a 4.5 def, i advised Coufal and they went for him. So maybe I do know my stuff?

That’s really sad to hear. I’ve even heard of women having unisex twitter handles and neutral Pictures to almost hide behind! I do like to think the majority of the FPL community look past it all though, I’m personally aware their are many people of all variety’s out there who know more about football than me and are much better FPL managers. It’s a shame it happens to women though! I hope you all can feel you can be yourselves and be welcomed and listened to in The same way! How do you cope with any negativity from twitter, either people or having a bad Gameweek?

If it’s people I try to ignore it or I will mute them until I want to unmute, surely not missing out on alot. If I have a bad game week (which is most weeks) I will usually just log out for the evening, and try recoop myself for the next gameweek. Or I won’t go on main Twitter I will stick the group chats.

Stepping away from footy – what type of music do you like listening too? Any favourite bands?

I don’t really have a type of music or favourite band. Just listen to whatever.

Fair enough! who’s your favourite ever football player and why? I’m a sucker for the stars of the late 90’s in Serie A – Del Piero, Batistuta, Totti.

On the pitch my favourite player has got to be Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard, led us to our 1st champions league trophy in 21 years. I guess just being the captain and a all round great guy he’s my favourite. Over 500 appearances too for Liverpool.
Off the pitch, favourite footballer is Marcus Rashford (same as everyone I think)

Back to FPL who has been your favourite FPL player to own last 2 seasons and why?

I’m not trying to be biased, but has got to be Mo Salah, usually returns most games, and confident to captain him against anyone. Never annoyed when he doesn’t return, 1 player I wouldn’t move out unless injured.

I love the FPL community, if I was a newbie looking to join up, What 3 accounts would you recommend to follow and why?

God this is hard! Picking only 3 from the whole community.
1st has to be my good friend @FPLNym all round great person and has time for all.
2nd @FerrellFpl (definitely didn’t pay me to say this!) Another great person who gets on with all.
3rd @Fpl__Alex fellow Liverpool fan (auto makes him a great person).

But if you are new make yourself known and we will welcome you in.

The above tweet just proves what a lovely asset you are to the community sam!

Well that was brilliant! It’s been great getting to no you more! Thanks for chatting with me, all the best for the season ahead! Anyone wishing to follow sam can find her @Samantha_1991_

Stay classy San Diego

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