It wouldn’t be an overhaul without some last minute agonising decisions. Those points where you know you are going to look back and say ‘Fucking hell, that guy was in 173 of my 174 drafts!’ We know its going to happen. But the news around Kevin De Bruyne has probably thrown all engaged managers into a state of tinker. Lets discuss some of the key things to consider going into this overhaul period – you’re running out of time. I don’t know if this will help or hinder your final decision making. It may complete or confuse. But I’m hoping that writing it down will help my own final decisions – so lets look at it!

What to do with a problem like Kevin?

I suppose we should be grateful that Pep actually told us that he was out. Until it turns out he’s lying and KDB decimates Arsenal … but it was more information than I was expecting to get. Its not completely out of the question to make the decision to hold him if you want to preserve the transfer, but for me its an opportunity to diversify and gain some fixtures. Wolves and Crystal Palace are prime examples of players where you may be able to gain fixtures and captaincy. Man City’s next 2 games after their Arsenal opener are the first kick off of game days where you will be able to see whether Kevin is back – or whether you want to target an alternative City option.

The logical move seems to be to go for Raul Jimenez. You could potentially take 3 captaincies culminating in their friday night fixture against Crystal Palace on October 30th – before moving off him to a Man City asset on October 31st against Sheffield United. Personally? I don’t want to do it as I just fell asleep thinking about having Jimenez in my main team. Sorry Raul! I have Patricio as my Wolves coverage and I’m sure I’ll end up regretting the man I’m going to gamble on…

If you decide you want to start with a Man City asset, there’s plenty of options. Raheem Sterling is always an option, and while I’d prefer to wait and see him back to fitness, there’s the looming awesomeness of Sergio Aguero appearing on the horizon. In midfield, Riyad Mahrez is an option at an awkward price while Phil Foden could be a nice alternative in the 8m midfield bracket. Personally – if you aren’t going with KDB and want a City asset, I’d be looking at Aymeric Laporte or a gamble on Ruben Dias. To me, all the City attacking assets are less appealing without KDB there to supply the ammunition.

Liverpool defence – needed or not?

If someone had said to me before gameweek 1 that there would be a genuine and understandable debate over whether Liverpool’s defensive assets were a necessity at the overhaul, I’d have looked at them like Graeme Souness looks at Paul Pogba. But its becoming a factor increasingly – and has certainly gained traction with Liverpool’s defensive woes coupled with the form of Mo Salah. Virgil Van Dijk in particular has been a colossus in SkyFF for the last two seasons – is it going to change?

I admire those with the cojones to go without but I will have a Liverpool defender in both of my teams. Van Dijk is likely to continue his passing tier dominance so with the clean sheets sure to return at some stage and the goal threat he poses, he’s tough to ignore even at his price. Andy Robertson does look like a viable alternative. His passing numbers seem to be on the up and with an increasing number of set pieces heading his way, he could be a way of saving a crucial 0.7m.

Going without could be the right way – but I’m not brave enough to do it.

Don’t Fear The Template…

Yes. If you are reading this you are probably an engaged Sky FF manager. Or a bored lunatic. If you are an engaged Sky FF manager, you’ll likely be looking at twitter and seeing a lot of frighteningly similar teams.

It’s OK, I promise. The overhaul is the time where managers are all looking at their shortlists and picking from a relatively small pool of options. The template will split away and diversify – the further away from the overhaul we get, the more teams will become different. Find your own path for transfers and it’s a certainty that teams will begin to look different – though if your team is set to private, people might never know.

Another thing to factor in is that the vast majority of Sky FF managers are not engaged. They aren’t on twitter and they won’t be aware of the fixture swings that we are lucky enough to have help with from people like Planet FPL James and Ian Parrin & the Hub boys. Stuart Dallas is owned by 3% of Sky FF teams. The template party is not as crowded as you think. But in this case, yes, you likely are a part of the ‘rule of 6’ – most of us will have at least 6 players that are the same as our mate. Or people who we pretend to be mates with. (Hi Corf.)

So where am I at with my team?

So my team right now? For clarity, I have 1 team ranked around 5k with 3 transfers used, and 1 ranked around 22k with 2 transfers used. Not a flying start but I’m fine with where I am. Unless you’re a fixture genius (listen to James Linden and Ian Parrin guys, seriously…) its going to be hard to plan too far ahead this year and I’m sure I will move forward. I’m covering as many teams as I can in both of my teams. Team A has a Liverpool double up, Team B covers 11 teams. I’ve gone without City in my main team – though I have gambled on Ruben Dias in my second team to give me some defensive coverage. I’m hoping he is nailed next to Laporte and they will pass the ball to each other relentlessly.

Current drafts – subject to MASSIVE change. It’s a long night. I’m on Wildcard in FPL too. I don’t think there’ll be much sleep.

TEAM A: Patricio, Dallas, White, Robertson, Grealish, Antonio, Zaha, Pulisic, Kane, Salah, Calvert-Lewin

TEAM B: Guaita, Dallas, Dias, Van Dijk, Barkley, Trossard, Fernandes, Rodriguez, Son, Jimenez, Werner

What dilemmas do you have?

Drop your dilemmas in the comments and lets suffer together. Good luck guys – Sky is a fantastic game. Make sure you read the content that Corf puts out for Draftgym as well as listening to the Planet FPL Pod on a Wednesday; The Hub pod on a Sunday night – and the videos put out by Scout too. Enjoy and may your overhaul be a success. Chances are that if it’s a success for you, it’s a success for most of us for now.

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