Using FPL Points as a Metric – Team Reveal!

Hello all! @RichP_FPL here with the Team Reveal you’ve all been waiting for! None of the Patreon BS or Expert Team Reveals, I know this is the one you guys are after!

This will be a pretty short article just showing the full team ahead of GW1 and some reasons behind the picks. As explained in my previous article here I have selected a player at each position based on the FPA data post restart and stats from Fantasy Football Hub.

My plan from there was to fill the squad using a combination of price points and highly owned players. This would enable me to try and keep up with the pack and also means I could in theory get to any player in the game in one move. To recap, the chosen 4 are:

  • Alex McCarthy – £4.5m (Southampton)
  • Kyle Walker-Peters – £4.5m (Southampton)
  • Bruno Fernandes – £10.5m (Man United)
  • Raul Jiménez – £8.5m (Wolves)

There were a couple of tough choices in there, namely McCarthy v Lloris and Jiménez v Ings. Both could’ve gone either way. McCarthy is a budget decision. At £1m cheaper he enables much more elsewhere. Ings v Jiménez was 50/50, but I’ve gone for Raul based on his all round return potential.

So, without further ado, here is the squad for GW1:

Here we go!
GW1 – Using FPL Points as a Metric Squad

What do we think? Any good? I think it’s got a nice balance. Let’s discuss some picks in more detail:

  • Harry Kane – Spurs have great fixtures and at his price point, I can downgrade him to any other Forward, or make the sideways move to Aguero if he’s back and fit.
  • Kai Havertz – This guy could be incredibly underpriced, and so, for my metric team at least, I’m giving him a chance from the off.
  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – the most owned Midfielder in the game and highest priced. Has to be in as a shield more than anything. Having Bruno from the off meant it was a choice between him and Mo Salah, and my head is ruling this team, not my heart (I still love you Mo)
  • John Egan – Chris Wilder will still set his team up to be organised and restrict chances, and Egan had a solid end to last season, so he’s in.
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold – Really? It’s Trent ffs. Of course he’s in.
  • Rhian Brewster – Yes it’s a Liverpool spot, but if he gets a loan move to another Premier League team, he’s a starting Forward at £4.5m and his price will rocket.

That’s the GW1 line up. Below is the team at their price points showing the money in the bank:

Some cheeky Cash Money for any bandwagons we need to hop on

As you can see – £1m in the bank. Means I can jump to Martial if Jiménez gets injured for example, or Rashford if Havertz looks off of it. Or up to Laporte from Egan. You get the idea. Aubameyang can drop to Kev or Sterling in GW3.

As this is a team based on the metric however, the main moves will come once we get 4 weeks of data! We will see what it throws up, and that will be where we see the team shift slightly and focus more on what that data is saying.

So this week marks the start of a journey for me, to see if using FPL Points as a metric can be a useful tool! After testing it for a bit last year I suspect it can, but I’m fascinated to see where the team ends up. So let’s enjoy the ride and see where we finish!

Cheers guys, and may your arrows be green!

Rich ❤️

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