How To Make the 100 Club GW1 Without using Chips

I get the irony of taking advice from an account labelled “BadFPL”, however as the only Wolfpack member to not only hit the 100 club GW1 last year, but also the year before, I couldn’t trust this article with anyone else. It had to get done properly.

So here it is, BadFPL’s tips to hitting the 100 club GW1:

1) Don’t get a bench

Wow this seems like an obvious point to make, Bad. Congratulations on your great insight.

First off, thank you. Secondly, sometimes stating the obvious is what we need to remind ourselves of the best way to play the game. We’ve just come back from lockdown where many of us had XV starting players after using the free transfers we got given and we were able to spread our money on an array of talent at cheap prices (Foden/Greenwood etc). Now prices have been revised we need to refocus our minds on getting XI great options and relegating all rubbish to the bench.

This means getting the cheapest possible options for the bench and prioritising getting 3 heavy hitters on the field. It sounds obvious, but don’t fall into the trap of spreading your money.

2) Captain a known heavy hitter

Seriously, this is painfully obvious I’m starting to think tha-

Shhhhh. Did you get 100 points the last two seasons in GW1? No, I didn’t think so. Take some notes.

GW1 is not the time to captain a differential. Let’s say Werner has a home fixture against Brighton GW1. Do you Captain him? Well, in short, no. We know which players have high ceilings in the league. Players that are proven. Its the likes of Sterling/Salah/Mane/Auba/Aguero. Even Kane got 13 points GW1 last season. Why would you captain someone new GW1 when there’s tonnes of options? Big hitters aren’t going to be rotated. It’s GW1 for heavens sake. Stop trying to be clever.

3) Avoid promoted clubs

We are likely to get sucked into trying to find this years Lundstram. I can tell you right now, you shouldn’t be playing a player like this in your GW1 side regardless. Stick a promoted player on the bench? Sure. Anything else is, again, ignoring players that are more proven on this level. I started with 1 promoted player last year. That was Lundstram. He was on my bench and got 3 points GW1. You can always move to these punts GW2 when we know they play, where they are playing and more importantly, if they look any good. There’s no need to gamble GW1.

4) Avoid new signings

I guess the message I’m trying to really put across here is that you should be picking players we know are proven.

We don’t know if they’ll start, what system the team will play, let alone if they’ll hit the ground running. it’s not worth it. Wait 1GW and see if they are a viable option.

This year I might exclude Werner from this rule purely because he’s been training with Chelsea for a couple of months now and with half of the forwards in the game moving to midfield, there’s limited options. That and Chelsea are very attack orientated. But that’s it.

5) 4-4-2 is your friend

The last two seasons I’ve started with this formation and its paid dividends. Simply put you can find the right balance of Premium/Value across each position well within budget. Its easy to get sucked into wanting to pack your attack, or to go “big at the back”, but until a strategy emerges as a clear favourite after GW1, the best way to start the game is have a balanced team. Not only does this seem to do well GW1, but it enables flexibility from GW2 onwards.

Its an easy move to 3-5-2 this season if Soucek has a nice fixture. He looks like big value at £5m this season, so I could start with this formation too.

6) Fixtures

I’m outta here

Good riddance. Some people are just destined to finish 248,792nd. Fixtures are obviously important. Normally I’d say a decent home game is a good place to start, however with games behind closed doors I might be more open to decent away fixtures too. Careful with targeting newly promoted sides. They are likely to be some of the most motivated going into the new season. Obviously this wouldn’t sway me off City/Liverpool assets but it might make me think twice if, say, Leicester were to play Leeds for instance.

I’d focus more on targeting teams such as Crystal Palace who ended the season in atrocious form and are unlikely to miraculously get better a month later.

That’s it. It’s that simple. Yeah you’re going to require a slice of luck too, but if you’re following these rules you cant go too far wrong.

This is me at the moment. It’s obviously very likely to change once we know the fixtures. Let me know your thoughts.

One thought on “How To Make the 100 Club GW1 Without using Chips”

  1. Your bench needs to be cheap but also regular starters with the possible exception of the GW.
    You can rotate with ease, your TV can increase and you never know when you might need a sub.


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