Yesterday saw the first price reveals of the 2020/21 season for FPL – and signalled the imminent arrival of everyone’s favourite time for year – GW1 tinkering! In a new monthly feature, 1 member of the pack has set 5 questions for a select group of the Pack to answer and give their views on. Which take do you agree with? Who is talking utter shit? Let us know!

@rpick86 is posing the questions this month – and they will be answered by four of the Pack. Corf, Mode, Rich and JJ. Let us know in the comments section or via Twitter – who is on your wavelength?

A nice easy starter, boys. KDB and Sterling have both been revealed at £11.5m. You can only pick one of them for City’s first fixture of the season. Which one are you taking?

CORF: Sterling – He finished the season on fire and I expect him to continue his form into the new campaign. KDB however was the highest points scorer in the game last season and probably safer than Sterling in relation to Pep Roulette, so it’s a tricky one.

MODE: KDB – A much higher floor than Sterling. People still worry about captaining KDB but his ceiling can be very high. He is also the nailed talisman in that side. Ownership likely to be 30-40% to top it off.

RICH: KDB – This looks like a choice between Goals & Assists, and this is a tough call. Sterling was so good at the end of last season, but KDB was incredibly consistent. If we’re looking at the xStats, KDB overachieved and Sterling slightly underachieved. The thing with KDB is that he is still creating ridiculous amounts of chances and it’s those on the end of them not putting them away. Sterling had the most big chances of all midfielders (33) and KDB created the most big chances (34). I like the extra point for a goal, but KDB can do it all. 23 assists, 14 goals and 35 bonus points last season. I’ll be starting the season with KDB, but I’d expect him to regress a little.

JJ: KDB – It’s an incredibly tough call to make but for me KDB edges it, just. City’s 3-0 win over Arsenal straight after lockdown seemed to confirm that the Belgian is now their first choice penalty taker – an essential area that City must improve upon next season. This will hopefully lead to even more goalscoring returns for him.

Lets assume that Aubameyang is reclassified as a midfielder. At £9.5m, do you expect Timo Werner to be the most expensive striker that you consider for your GW1 team?

CORF: NO – because I’ll be considering Harry Kane! I’d expect him to be priced up at £10.5m. If that’s the case I think he’ll represent great value. The last few GW’s of last season it felt like Kane was clinical and hungry for goals with 5 from the last 3 games the case in point. I’m hoping Jose sticks to the style of play that he ended the season with and if he does, you’d be stupid to ignore Kane!

MODE: YES – unfortunately! I would love to take a punt on Kane or Aguero but packing the midfield with premium options seems the sensible route to go down at the moment. Werner has a very high chance of being in my team. Some easy Spurs fixtures would tempt me with Kane though.

RICH: NO – This is dependent on Harry Kane’s price for me. If he is £10m/£10.5m I’d consider him strongly at the start of the season. I love Werner’s price and he’s already a strong candidate for a forward spot in my team, but Kane looked back to his best after the restart. Of all Forwards GW30+ to 38+, he had the most big chances and scored the joint most goals on 7. He was also second for shots on target on 13, behind Aubameyang on 15. If we can get Kane at sub £11m he is a nice option in my opinion.

JJ: YES – We know from yesterday’s price reveals that Jamie Vardy will be valued at £10.0m, but it would take a brave FPL manager to consider the 33-year-old when considering Leicester’s abysmal post-lockdown form. With Aguero and Jesus most likely sharing minutes again, Timo Werner is surely the stand out forward option ahead of the new campaign. The German returned 28 goals and 8 assists in 34 matches for Leipzig last season and I am backing him to hit the ground running at Stamford Bridge. I very much doubt I will be owning a ‘premium’ forward option with so much talent on offer in midfield.

Danny Ings has been revealed at £8.5m. What price do you think Che Adams will be – and would you consider him a viable alternative given the price difference?

CORF: £6m – and NO – Although I genuinely believe that Che Adams is in for a decent season I won’t be clambering to get him until I’ve seen something to suggest he’s still confident and hungry as he was at the tail end of last season. Even with the £2.5m price difference I’m predicting, I don’t think Adams is a better pick than Ings from the off.

MODE: £6.5m – and NO – I think Che will be around 6.5m and that makes sense for him. I don’t think he will reach anywhere near the level of Ings, unless Ings finally gets that injury we all feared last season. Che will be the one to miss minutes and is nowhere near as clinical as Danny. It’s Ings or nothing for me with the Southampton attack.

RICH: £6m – and NO – If he’s £5.0m and below – maybe. But for now its a no. I’m looking at playing a 3-5-2 formation, so I want a £4.5/£5m Forward for the bench. In terms of FPL points, Southampton Forwards scored 383 points, only behind Arsenal on 387. Danny Ings scored 198 of those points (51%) alone. He’s their talisman, and so even though his price has risen, it would take either an injury or Adams being £5m or less for me to consider him. However – Adams 4 goals all came since the restart, so with this shorter break before the next season commences, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him get off to a decent start.

JJ – £6.5m – and YES – After finally scoring for Southampton in his side’s 1-0 victory over Manchester City, Che Adams went on to finish the season with four goals. Although Ings perhaps unsurprisingly dominated his teammate when it comes to the post-lockdown stats (6 big chances to Adams’ 1 and 23 shots in the box to Adams’ 8), Adams seems to have now found his feet at St. Mary’s. Hasenhuttl clearly has a lot of faith in the 24-year-old and he could be a viable alternative in order to free up funds elsewhere.

At £5m, is Soucek a bargain or a trap?

CORF: Bargain – At £5m I fully anticipate Soucek will be one of the first names in my first draft! He’s an absolute nuisance from set pieces and looks to have goals in him. I expected him to be priced up around £6m so this might be one the towers have got wrong.

MODE: Bargain – I have to listen to my husband Irons here. Moyes has found his new Fellaini. Dangerous from set pieces and Moyes will be looking to take advantage of that with every one they get. The only caveat is I feel like people will bench an awful lot of his points. Could he be the 4th mid that plays every week?

RICH: Bargain – If funds are tight, Soucek will likely be my 5th midfielder. Since the restart, Soucek scored the most goals for midfielders priced £5m and under, with 3 goals. He also had the most shots in the box with 14. 14 shots is still good for 3rd place with MIDS £6.5m and under. If he keeps playing like he was at the end of last season, he could be a bargain at £5m.

JJ: Bargain – The 25-year-old Czech international scored three goals following the Premier League restart and has established himself as a central figure in David Moyes’ side. At just £5m, he could be an ideal fifth (or even fourth!) midfield option with such an array of premium attacking options on offer.

Do you feel FPL Towers have got the majority of pricing right or wrong so far, and what do you expect in terms of prices today?

CORF: YES – I’d say so. I think they’ve given us something to think about at least. Pricing Pope at £5m would have seen him in everybody’s team, but that extra 0.5m has given us something to think about! I also quite like how Salah & Mane and Sterling & KDB are priced the same which gives us plenty to consider over the coming weeks. With regards to today, I expect to see Aubamayang released as a £12m midfielder which will be a massive talking point! Others I imagine will be released are the likes of Trent at £7.5m, and Martial and Jimenez at £9m. Just imagine if they launched the game today!

MODE: YES – They’ve done a good job of making the pricing slightly cheaper this year. The amount of premium options available to use means that they had to make these (especially the midfielders) cheaper so we could realistically own two or three of them. It’s a hard line to make it challenging and also appeal to casuals. I’m expecting to find out Auba is a 12m midfielder today and would also love the game to be launched. There is a slight chance it might happen over the weekend.

RICH: YES – Pricing mainly feels right. I expected KDB to be £12m, so to see him £0.5m cheaper is great news. They’re really making us choose between assets from City & Liverpool by pricing KDB & Sterling at £11.5m and Salah/Mane at £12m. The popular double up will likely be KDB and Salah, so we could see Mane and Sterling being great differentials early on. Even with the pricing mishap of Pulisic, I still think £8.5m is a great price for him & the same for Werner at £9.5m – they’re both in my current drafts. Pope at £5.5m – whilst I understand why – feels expensive. I’m hoping the likes of Lloris are £5m. £10.5m could be a steal for Bruno especially if the volume of penalties continues – he averaged 8.3 points per game since he signed – over a season that would equate to 317 FPL points! What do I expect to be revealed next? I expect United reclassification (Rashford & Martial switching) as well as Auba becoming a midfielder. If he’s a similar price point to the Liverpool & City boys he’s mega tempting. I also expect Trent & Robbo to be announced soon, and would like to see Ziyech’s price too. Throw in some promoted assets for good measure. Hell, I want the game released. Hurry up FPL Towers.

JJYES – I believe the popular premium assets that have been revealed today have been priced very well. With so many outstanding premium options, it is certainly going to be a headache both squeezing particular players in and nailing the correct choices. In that sense, FPL Towers have opened the door for an even more competitive season this time around. I expect a few mid-priced assets to be revealed today and hopefully we will learn Alexander-Arnold and Aubameyang’s starting prices.

That concludes today’s pack panel. Thank you to the 4 boys for answering the questions – but who do you agree with? Let us know in the comments and on twitter – there’ll be a vote for the winner of the Pack Panel for this month. Thanks for reading.

Credit to FPL LiverGirl for the graphics and to FFHub for the array of stats that Rich has used. He can get you a deal, you know….

2 thoughts on “PACK PANEL”

  1. Going to be a very challenging balancing attempt Rubber Ducky – definitely agree it won’t be doable to have 4 premium mids – but which ones you gonna choose?

    Hopefully we’ll get more clarity today.


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