Wolfpack Leagues Announced

Finally we can start talking about the competitions we are running next year! And we start with a big one.

Offering promotion and relegation across 4 different leagues, this competition is for the ages.

Top two leagues are invite only this season, however the Omega and Litter League have 42 spots available, open to anyone who is willing to participate in competitions up until the season starts.

Follow @FPLWolfpack on Twitter and turn on those notifications to keep ahead of the curve and give yourself the best chance of getting entry! Also make sure you’re checking back on the website as it’s perfectly plausible competitions could be announced here first instead. You never know…

Invited entrants:

Get yourself added to the the list above as entry to the Omega and Litter Leagues is now open!

There will be other competitions and tournaments to get involved in if you miss the jump on this so don’t worry if you miss out this time.

In the mean time, good luck!

Oi Oi!

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