Loan Wolf GW35+

Loan Wolf is a one week punt and a one week punt only. Obvious transfers are excluded from the decision making process. This feature will be a player that doesn’t fit the ‘template’ and is an ideal one week transfer if we are fortunate enough not to have any other issues in our team.

Patrick Van Aanholt is this weeks Loan Wolf. Crystal Palace have really struggled since the restart only recording 1 win in their 5 games, which also proved to be their one and only clean sheet.

It seems a bonkers choice to go for a Palace defender then, right? Wrong.

Despite their lack of clean sheets PVA has recorded two assists and averaged 4PPG since the restart. Not bad considering they’ve conceded 11 goals in this time. Couple that with the fact that Aston Villa have only scored twice in their last 8 games makes this the perfect one week punt for any manager looking for that differential that will rise them through the ranks.

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