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From the guy that brought you #5attheback and wrote his last article at the start of the season claiming Che Adams was going to be a revelation, I bring you my Captaincy considerations for the restart. Considering how well my previous pieces went I’ve decided to keep this short and sweet!

Now the idea that the FPL Twitter community, a group of people that analyze every stat, fixture, and understand the game inside out, needs to be told to really think about who to put their Vice Captain (VC) on might sound a bit ‘no shit sherlock’. It’s like me writing an article about why VAR is crap… Yeh we get it! But I think there’s a little more to it and some interesting strategies to consider.

I first got thinking about this after the first FPL Wolfpod back after the break (not to forget the amazing work with the Champman pod throughout lockdown). FPLIrons – Luke, suggested that there is a strong possibility that not every game will happen at its scheduled time. Manchester United’s warm up friendly against Stoke has already been cancelled as someone tested positive and there is currently a huge question mark over the restart for Norwich as we know a player has tested positive. All it takes is anyone involved, from player to backroom staff to test positive for a whole fixture to be postponed, potentially then also even effecting the team they may have played in the days prior to the positive test. This one individual, especially if it’s a player that has played and therefore been in contact with another team which in turn could affect their fixture, means this could affect 2 fixtures.

Well we know for a fact we are going to see a stupid amount of rotation. Those of you playing fantasy football in the Bundesliga will have seen Jadon Sancho rested for 2 games before finally playing and scoring a hat-trick. This sort of craziness can be expected from all teams, especially those with little to play for and those near the top with large squads (que Pep Roulette!)

So how do we pick out Captains?

Well I’ve seen a few accounts trying to beat the idea of the inevitable rotation we are going to see by sticking 2 players from the same team in the same position in their team and putting the C on one and the VC on the other. For example, prior to the DGW I’ve seen some put Aguero and Jesus in the same team with the C and VC respectively. This seems like a clever plan with regards to a DGW as it’s highly likely they will both feature but also with a single game week as you have hedged your bets and got a city striker as your captain for certain. This is an example, I’ve seen this with people doubling up Salah and Mane, Fernadez and Pogba, Kane and Son. All these with the idea that if one doesn’t play the other will therefore the captaincy will be on the attacking player on the fixture they want. I’ve also seen a fair few teams with the C on Aguero and the VC on KDB for example. This all looks fine….or does it?

My suggestion is to put a little more thought into your VC. I personally would always make sure that your VC is not only on a player from a different team, but a player from a different fixture completely. In the example above, what if a city player (or staff member) walks into the stadium for a fixture and tests positive for covid-19? The game is postponed, and we have no idea when it will be replayed and you have no captain playing. Even if you have your VC on Aubameyang, if a city player tests positive, Arsenal don’t play them so you miss out again!

I think your Vice Captaincy is not something you decide based solely on who else has a decent fixture like we normally would due to the possible rotations, but on who you can be sure might start. Is it almost worth putting your VC on a goalkeeper? Someone nailed, who may keep a clean sheet, that is in a separate fixture to your C so you know the game should be played. Let’s be honest you hope you don’t have to rely on them anyway and that your captain plays but is that being safe? I would certainly look to be putting it on a player from a separate fixture to your Captain, and someone who is a regular for minutes this season. E.G Jack Grealish has played 90 minutes in 25 of his 26 games this season so will certainly be my VC.

So in conclusion my suggestion is to just give a little more thought into everything that’s going on when you select your VC. It would be a lovely feeling if you jumped up the ranks because a game got postponed and people who stuck all their eggs in one basket got shafted.


Rob (FPLLovey) X

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