How The WolfPod Was Made

By Andy North (@FPLMODE)

It’s funny looking back at the small moments that escalate and turn into big things. A brush away comment about making a pod to fellow WolfPack member Ross (FPL Corf) resulted in me researching how to make a pod, how to edit it, how to publish it so people could listen to it and then, 10 months later, celebrating reaching 10,000 listens on our very own podcast.

The biggest piece of advice I would give anyone wanting to start a podcast is to pod about what you feel passionate for. Football is something I’ve had a passion for for as long as I can remember. Finding a group of people that wanted to chat about FPL, and were just as passionate about it as I was, was the ideal scenario. We wanted to get going and show the world we knew what we were doing.

The first few episodes were pretty horrendous however. If you look back far enough on our pod history you’ll find ones of myself just chatting and talking rubbish, and then a few guests come on. We followed no real format but we loved what we were doing. To move forward we really needed a different tactic. Something that made us stand out. So we went with a quiz idea. I would ask our two guests some questions and they would answer while in term opening up discussions about FPL related information. This did well for a while, with around 200 regular listeners tuning in every week. All was going well until COVID arrived.

During the lockdown period Luke (FPLIrons) and I decided to pod about Championship Manager FPL. We got different guests on every week and had a specific structure which people really enjoyed. And then looked to put this over to FPL pods again. We’re now averaging over 500 listens a week and Luke has become a regular on the pod. One of the highlights for us is answering the community’s questions and adding them to our RT group if they win our RT competition.

Now, back to those small moments. I count myself extremely lucky that people want to listen to us chat about FPL every Monday. We will always look to make our podcast better, more accessible to the community and most importantly fun and informative to listen to. Thank you to everyone that has ever listened to, or will listen to the FPL WolfPod. And if you haven’t given it a go yet, why not? The small decision to listen to us could end up leading to very big things…

Oi Oi!

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